Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Visits The Wailing Wall

You probably know by now that almost anything can remind me of a joke. President Trump's recent visit is no exception.


A Rabbi, walking down a New York street, loses his hat. A passer-by retrieves it for him. On regaining his hat, the Rabbi says, "Bless you, my son. I never could have gotten that myself."

On the way home, the guy starts thinking. "I've just been blessed by a Rabbi! This must be my lucky day. I'm going to the track!"

The first race has a horse named "Stetson". The guy exclaims, "Stetson! That's a hat!" And puts everything he has on Stetson, to win.

Stetson wins big, and the next race has a horse name "Fedora". "Another hat!", he thinks, and puts all his winnings on Fedora.

Fedora wins big, too. "OK", he thinks, "one more race, and I'll show my wife my winnings."

But, when he gets home, his wife asks, "So, where's the money?"

"I lost it all in the third race. I put it all on a horse named 'Chateau', and it came in last."

"You idiot! Chateau is house! Chapeau would have been hat!"

"Oh."..."Well, it doesn't matter, anyway. Some Japanese horse won, named "Yarmulke".


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It Hurts

Guy goes to his doctor. "Doc,it hurts when I touch my self." He touches his head, then his elbow, his knee, his hip, and his tummy. "No matter where I touch me, it hurts." The doctor examines him, and says, "I found your problem. Your finger is broken."